Dialysis Technician Career

Dialysis Technician Career

The outlook for a Dialysis Technician career is positive. Current figures show that the US median annual salary for a Renal Dialysis (or Hemodialysis) tech is $36,788. According to national statistics provided by which posts income information to more than 4,000 job titles, the salary ranges approximately from $32,000 to $41,000 per year.1

Dialysis Technician Career - Salary - IndeedIn San Diego, CA, a Dialysis Technician can achieve a full time salary that is slightly higher. The provided annual income by employment related search engine, for Dialysis Technicians in San Diego is approximately $38,000.

Differing salaries differ on geographic location and related factors. In California, it is reported easier to get hired as a Dialysis Technician within the state given that there are more institutions hiring for employment (hospitals or private companies). Other states such as Minnesota, New Jersey, and Connecticut can provide higher base salaries to technicians, but there are far fewer job openings in these locations.2

Dialysis Technician Career Outlook

A financial outlook for one considering a Dialysis Technician career points to continued growth.

With the increasing and aging Baby Boomer population, there are more and more persons in need of attention. Medical services will continue to grow, especially with regards to dialysis. Currently, one in ten people in the US have some form of chronic kidney disease (CKD). In 2008, The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 13% of the US population (26 million people) had CKD. A decade earlier in 1998, it was 20 million.3 The healthcare sector foresees an apparent and necessary demand for dialysis professionals with a 13% job growth increase over the next decade.4

Common-Career-Paths-For-Dialysis-TechnicianPossessing a Dialysis Technician career provides a promising entry point into the growing healthcare sector overall. Dialysis Technicians often advance into their profession (ex. certified Hemodialysis Technician). Continued dedication in the Hemodialysis field can result in becoming a Registered Dialysis Nurse. Statistics from online job board, reveal that Registered Dialysis Nurses earn on average $64,000 per year.5

Prepare For Your Future Today

At the Dialysis School of San Diego, we will train you for success in this career path. We possess an extensive program approved by the California Department of Public Health. Our experienced qualified instructors are practicing registered nurses and clinic managers. After the course, we assist our graduates with professional guidance for finding a job in the field.

With our comprehensive curriculum, we look forward to assisting you reach your goals. Contact us today for more information on obtaining a promising dialysis technician career.


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