The Dialysis School of San Diego

Pursuing a career in healthcare can be one of the most worthy decisions you can ever make in your lifetime. As a healthcare professional you not only open the doors to fulfilling your dream of getting into one of the most respected, in demand, and well-paying jobs in our times, more importantly, you will get to experience the privilege of helping patients and making a big difference in their lives. At the Dialysis School of San Diego, we can help you fulfill these dreams by preparing you to be competent and efficient hemodialysis nurses and hemodialysis technicians, also referred to as patient care technicians.

If you are ready to make a change and considering a rewarding career in dialysis, the Dialysis School of San Diego can help you prepare for your future today.


What is Dialysis and what is the role of a Dialysis Technician?

Dialysis is the artificial process of removing waste products, minerals, and excess fluid from the body when the kidneys have stopped functioning properly. Hemodialysis, the most common way to treat advanced kidney failure uses a machine to filter the blood before returning it to the patient. The purpose of dialysis is to keep the body running as normal as possible when the kidneys permanently fail. For a patient suffering from renal failure, dialysis can be a life-changing medical procedure as it greatly improves the quality of life despite their failing kidneys.


Dialysis technicians under the supervision of registered nurses and working closely with physicians and other medical professionals are responsible for operating the machines and for providing a safe and efficient patient care before, during and after dialysis treatments to ensure the highest quality of care for these patients.