About Us

Mission Statement

Dialysis School of San Diego is focused on increasing the quality of care given to patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD). Through a multidisciplinary approach to education, we are able to prepare our students to deliver safe and effective treatments, while employing the ethical and empathetic behaviors needed when caring for patients.


Our objectives include providing the student with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry into the career as a Dialysis Technician and to develop in students a confident and positive attitude, integrity, respect, and compassion necessary for success in this field.

To translate these objectives into practice, Dialysis School of San Diego:

  • Maintains a highly skilled and qualified instructional staff.
  • Provides the student with a comprehensive curriculum with emphasis on practical techniques.
  • Realizes that each student has worthwhile aspirations and a valuable contribution to make to the community.
  • Conducts business in an ethical and professional atmosphere that is a credit to both vocational education and the health care industry.

At Dialysis School of San Diego, students are provided with an in-depth knowledge (didactic) and clinical training (hands-on) necessary to prepare them for entry level employment as Dialysis Technician or sometimes referred to as Patient Care Technician or Hemodialysis Technician, now one of the fastest growing careers in healthcare.

This training program is approved by the California Department of Public Health. You can complete the training in 330 hours, which consists of 102 hours of theory and 228 hours of clinical experience or approximately 4 months. With our highly qualified and experienced Registered Nurse Instructors, we will provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date curriculum to meet the requirements for employment and to prepare you for the licensure examination.

Take the first step to discover a rewarding career as Dialysis Technician. Contact us today.